Saturday, June 20, 2015

Potty-training Tales

Here are way more details about my second child's bodily functions than you probably want!

We have unexpectedly started potty training this weekend. Hailey started bothering me Thursday night that she needed to use the potty. I said "No, just go in your diaper" because I was in the middle of trying to get dinner on the table. Unbeknownst to me, she promptly went and found Tessa with her request.

When she came running for dinner in nothing but her shirt I quickly discovered that Hailey had successfully used the potty with the assistance of a 3-year old and the complete ignorance of her parents. Huh. She then refused to put a diaper back on, so I threw some underwear on her and now I am stuck potty-training.
She couldn't have picked a worse time. We are supposed to go up to my Dad's house next week and Seth is going out of town in two days.

I can't tell if it's going successfully or not because she is so excited about using the potty that she spent about 50% of her time yesterday sitting on it. I heard the toilet flush every twenty minutes and I couldn't tell if there was anything to flush, except for the giant wads of toilet paper she is "using". Therefore I instituted the rule that she only gets a treat if I know for sure she has successfully used the potty. Otherwise she would have eaten nothing but candy all day. We've also had two or three temper tantrums about only using the toilet paper if she actually needs it. We've gone through a quarter of the roll already.
On the plus side of this excessive potty-sitting, I haven't had to clean any pee off the carpet. At least not yet. I'm a little worried the excitement is going to wear off and all my problems will start as soon as Seth leaves town.

Wish me luck. Tessa potty-trained rather quickly and easily and I hope it's the case again this time.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Five on Friday

Thank goodness it's Friday and Seth will be home to help me parent. That's all I'm saying about this week.
 1. The girls always act like little baby birds whenever we get free samples at BJ's. It makes me laugh.
2. We took the girls up to Richmond last weekend and they had fun swimming at the pool.
3. Tessa doesn't know how to eat an ice cream cone fast enough. I had to help her out a lot.
4. Seth made a crown of Scripture Mastery cards for his Seminary class. Part of their incentive to get the kids to do well on their test, I think. (Today was his LAST DAY HALLELUJAH.)
5. Took the girls out for a picnic on Memorial Day. They loved it.