Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Birthdays

Today my twin sister Amanda turns 24.
This means today I also turn 24.

Did you know that while I was growing up, after finding out Amanda and I were identical twins, lots of people would then ask
A. how old each of us was at the time
B. when each of our birthdays was
C. if that meant we were the same age/had the same birthday

I could list a lot more dumb questions that I have been asked multiple times.

Sometimes it makes me sad how uneducated America seems about twins.

Anyway. Happy Birthday to us!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I don't know if I mentioned this on my blog before or not, but my current calling in church is with the Sunbeams. There is one other woman who serves with me, and together we are responsible for between 9 and 12 three-year-olds.
And that is a lot of three-year-olds.

Did you know?
Three-year-olds don't like to sit still and be quiet and listen to the lesson.
Three-year-olds need help during the potty break and they like to raise their hands and tell you about their birthday when you're trying to tell them about Jesus.
Three-year-olds like to raise their hands, period, and that's only after you've reminded them that if they have something to say, they need to raise their hand and not yell it out over and over again until someone acknowledges them.
Three-year-olds will raise their hands and yell "Sister! Sister!" until you've acknowledged that they've raised their hand so that they can tell you about their birthday.
Three-year-olds cry and insist on sitting in your lap despite the fact that your lap might be non-existent at the moment. Sometimes they will adjust themselves by elbowing your pregnant belly.
Three-year-old girls refuse to hold hands with or sit by three-year-old boys. Three-year-old boys refuse to hold hands with or sit by three-year-old girls.

Sundays: Day of rest?


Sunday, May 15, 2011

32 Weeks.

Technically, since I procrastinated until today to take pictures, I am 32 weeks and 4 days.
But who's counting.

I don't have anything exciting to say about the fact that I am 32 weeks and 4 days pregnant, except for that I feel a lot huger than this picture makes me look.

When my mom calls me on the phone and asks how the baby is doing, my answer is something like: "Oh yeah. Um.... she's good."
And then when there is a long pause and I realize she's waiting for more I come up with stuff like "You know, she's just.... bopping around in there. Doing her thing. You know, growing and stuff. Getting bigger all the time! Yep. She's good......"

Sorry mom. I still haven't figured out how to answer that question.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Exciting News

Seth got an internship!
So we decided to go ahead and spend in advance all the money he'll make this summer on a sweet new ride:
Just kidding.
Our actual car is currently spending the weekend getting expensive repairs at the car shop after unexpectedly refusing to start for us. Something about a fuel pump.
This is Seth's dad's car, generously loaned to us while he was out of town for the weekend.
It makes me really nervous to drive it.
So I've tried to stay home as much as possible.
Which is about the same as how I normally spend my days.
So not that big of a difference.

Seth's first day was last Monday, but he is still trying to finish up his last few weeks of finals and final projects for the semester. It means he's been feeling a little like this lately:
Yes, he's actually sleeping in this photo. I did not pose him. It surprises me (though it shouldn't) how often he manages to fall asleep on our too-tiny-to-really-fall-asleep-on couches.

What can I say, the man is talented.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Baby

I keep warning Seth that our baby is going to be fat and bald and not that cute, because that's how I looked as a baby.
Seth just laughs at me because he was a cute little baby. And he had hair.
Awww. So precious.
Now let's take a look at me.
Wow. Good thing I grew up to be good looking. (Right? Right?)
Check out those huge double chins. 
If you look at these pictures side-by-side it looks like I am going to eat Seth up.

(This is where I spent a while figuring out how to put the pictures side-by-side and when I finally managed to do it, I accidentally got rid of it. And I don't have the patience to do it again for you. So just imagine it...)

So it's a legitimate concern of mine that my baby will be not so cute. And I'll be so consumed with new baby love I won't even realize it, and then I'll be all "Oh, isn't my baby the cutest baby in the whole wide world?" and then everyone will feel sorry for me and my not-cute baby.
Please, please baby: take after Seth.

P.S. Can you guess which one I am?
I'm in pink.
I wouldn't be able to tell either, actually, except that I know I ALWAYS wore pink as a child.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sometimes I'm crafty.

And I make things like this chandelier.
I got the idea from here:
Except in that one everything is spray-painted which I did not do because I am pregnant and that is a no-no. So instead I found some prettier beads at Party City that I wouldn't have to spray paint. Which means my chandelier was $15 instead of $9. Totally worth it.
In fact I may have done that even if I wasn't pregnant because I am a pretty lazy person.
In progress:
Maybe when I am not pregnant I will go back and paint the black wire basket, but for now I am satisfied.
I feel so classy.

Well, classy as long as I'm only looking at my chandelier and not the huge Goodwill pile sitting next to my dining room table and the empty pictures frames that I've been meaning to fill for 6+ months and the trash that needs to be taken out....