Monday, November 28, 2011

A Late Thanksgiving Post

I meant to post something last week.
But this is what's been happening for the past three weeks:
Tessa got sick. Then Seth. Then me. Then Tessa. Then Seth. Then me. Then Tessa. Then Seth. Then me.
Currently all three of us are sick and it sucks.
Tessa managed to grab a handful of my mashed potatoes at dinner last night and was upset that I wouldn't allow her to stick them in her mouth. I am blaming the sickness for my slow reflexes. 
So this Thanksgiving I am very grateful for our usually healthy bodies and am praying they come back soon.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Michelle

Today is my oldest sister's birthday.
She is tough.
And good looking.
And a great aunt.
And despite being the oldest...
...she knows how to have a good time.

Happy Birthday Michelle!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

4 Month Old

Technically you were 4 months on Sunday.
But since at least one person in this house has been sick since last week, this post dropped to the back of my to-do list. You are sick for the second time in a week and all of us hate it.

We took you for a check-up at the doctor's office and he said you had the strength and body control of a 5-month old.
You're a buff baby.

You use that strength to grab at anything within reach and shove it in your mouth. New favorite objects for this game include your socks and feet.
Also my kitchen tools. Or really, anything that is not for babies. I found you sucking on an extension cord the other day. Safe Parenting award goes to: your mother.
You've rolled over twice. I suspect that you could do it all day long but you have zero desire to do so. Instead you cry at me to get you up off your stomach. Tummy time is not your favorite.
I sort of have a schedule for you, but you like to thwart my plans as much as possible. You seriously hate taking afternoon naps.
You love to read books with us before bedtime and I am perpetually afraid you are going to rip the pages of the library books I get for you.
You like to laugh and make funny noises. You're happiest when there are lots of people around to entertain you. You are turning into a very social baby. Church is your favorite.
Your mother bores you, often.
It's ok though, because I love you and I'm pretty sure you love me.
Even when I make you take naps.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Road Trippin' Part 1

Last weekend Seth and I took a little trip up to BV to see our niece get blessed.
It is much less stressful to take a road trip with a baby when you have another adult with you.
Especially when that baby starts screaming at the top of her lungs halfway through your drive home.
Oh and the rest of my family was there for the blessing as well.
Including my crazy brother David.
T took this chance to bond with her cousin through a little friendly head-clawing. (An iphone was the only camera quick enough for this, hence the blurriness.)
Don't worry, she's ok.
She is also ridiculously cute.
T is also ridiculously cute.
My father is just ridiculous.

I'm going to estimate we spent about an hour taking family pictures which means I have a bajillion pictures that you will be forced to look at but since this post is long enough I'm saving that for next time.
Don't get too excited.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This little girl...

...has decided the only thing worth doing in life is playing.
Nevermind how stressed her mother is about her lack of eating and sleeping.
All that matters are toys.
And sometimes books.