Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Beach

Yesterday I took T to the beach for the first time in her life.
This is how she felt about being dipped in the ocean:
Yeah. She screamed bloody murder if I so much as tried to get her close to that water.
I thought the whole thing was hilarious but I'm thinking everyone else at the beach probably thought I was a terrible mother for laughing at her screams of terror.
I continued with the good mothering by allowing her to chew on seashells.
She did somewhat enjoy sitting in the sand and playing with the shovel and bucket I got for her, but ultimately the best part of the trip for her was sitting on a clean towel and eating goldfish and not doing anything remotely beach-like.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Honestly this is the best picture I got of him. I think the chaos of moving out and starting his new job kind of put graduation on the back burner, so we didn't do a whole lot of celebrating for it.
But I am very proud of him for getting his Master's Degree. It hasn't quite sunk in yet that he doesn't have schoolwork to do in the evenings and on weekends.
Congratulations Seth!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The house in shambles

Here are some before and in progress pictures of moving in.
I am only about halfway done with putting everything away.
I am waiting until my desire to have an unpacked and clean house becomes greater than my desire to not unpack. So far the latter is winning. And you know it must be strong, considering how OCD I am.
Living Room before.
Living Room in progress.
Living Room in progress.
You can see T is very upset about the mess.
Kitchen/Dining Room before.
Kitchen/Dining Room in progress.
Master Bedroom before.
Master Bedroom in progress.
This is actually after I'd unpacked a bunch of stuff.
Master Bedroom in progress.
We did have the mattress on the floor and stuff a lot more messy for a few days but I didn't get a picture of it, which I know you must all be just dying about. My bad.
Master Bathroom before.
Master Bathroom in progress.
You are so lucky to get to see pictures of my dirty bathroom.
Spare Bedroom before.
Spare Bedroom in progress.
Those q-tips dumped all over the floor are courtesy of T.

I don't have pictures of T's room because it's the only one that I didn't dump boxes and garbage in. I set it up nice for her the first day so she could get used to it.

I just posted a ton of pictures of my super messy house on the internet. Off to hang my head in shame now. 
Actually maybe I should get around to unpacking some more...maybe.

Friday, May 11, 2012

We made it

But just barely.
Here are some of the highlights:
-Unloading in the pouring rain
-Not getting the water turned on until the morning after we moved in
-Still not having the hot water on (It's gas, which I didn't realize so we didn't call about it until yesterday and they can't come until Monday. MONDAY.)
-Rental company not telling me that they need a money order for the first month's rent. Having to drive around looking for a place to get a money order in an unfamiliar town without a gps. Making the movers wait an hour while I figured this out.
-T needed to be held practically all day. She doesn't like moving either.
-3 hours of sleep for Seth and I. Only 7 hours total for Seth thanks to an all-nighter to finish his school project the day before.
-Thanks to the stress/lack of sleep/copious amounts of fast food I am sick sick sick and spent yesterday sleeping instead of unpacking.
Here are some of the real highlights:
-Hiring professional movers. BEST DECISION EVER. I am never moving my boxes/furniture myself again.
-The space. Oh, the space. The garage.
-There is a Food Lion only 5 minutes from our house and it is new and really classy and I am probably more excited about this than what is considered normal or appropriate.
-The space!
-If I have mail to send I can put it in my mailbox with the flag up instead of having to drive to the post office since there was not outgoing mail at our old apartment
-Have I mentioned how much more space I have now? It is marvelous.

I'll post pictures of our house later.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Right now my house looks like this:
And it's kind of making me feel like this:
Off to do some more packing...