Thursday, June 26, 2014

Toddler Talk #6

I snuck off to lay on my bed and read, but T found me:
T: Mommy, come play with me.
T: Mommy! Get up and come play with me.
T: Come play with me. I'm not telling you again.

While Seth was singing a song:
T: Don't you sing that song again or I'm gonna turn you into a goon!
S: *continues singing*
T: Poof! You're a goon!

When I was trying to get her to clean up her toys:
T: I'm dead.
J: Well, come back to life and help me clean up.
T: Just don't talk to me. I'm dead and I don't know what you're talking about.

While Seth was having difficulty trying to make waffles:
J: Are you struggling?
S: No. I'm a competent person.
T: No you're not Dad!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


1. H, in the kitchen (and the living room, and the bedroom, and the bathroom, and the hallway), with the crayons.
Ugh you can't even see it in the picture. But IT'S THERE.

2. My second-born doesn't realize she is in fact younger than T and can't do some of the same things her older sister can.
Like correctly putting on shorts. She got both legs stuck in one hole and was quite upset about it.
Very entertaining for me.

3. H broke my broom.
That's my excuse for not cleaning the kitchen for the past 3 days.

4. T has figured out if she says "Do you want to [insert boring toddler activity] or no?" the answer she usually gets is no. (I know, bad parenting. Am I the only one that sometimes thinks playing with toddlers is boring?)
So now she says "Do you want to [insert boring toddler activity] or yes? Obviously my answer can only be in the affirmative, and I usually consent to the boring toddler activity as a reward for her cleverness.

5. H likes to shove her finger up her nose and I think it's hilarious. She's not picking it. She just leaves it up there while she walks around and plays. Mostly because she knows it makes me laugh.
Then last night during dinner she was opening her eyes and mouth really big and she looked crazy and hilarious and I was cracking up and unfortunately now she thinks she needs to show me all her chewed-up food during mealtimes.

Bad parenting. I excel at it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Zoo

Seth and I decided to not be lame for Memorial Day and do our usual thing of staying home and watching TV, so we planned a trip to the North Carolina Zoo.
 The girls were making elephant noises all day long.
Best seat in the house. She is mesmerized by the giraffes here.
 H is a cuddler.
 They had an awesome little playground that I'm pretty sure was the girl's favorite part.
 The seals were also a favorite.
 What I don't have a picture of is half a second later when the girls jumped about a mile from having the seal swim so close to them.
 H insisted on leading the way for most of the afternoon.
Waiting for the second time for the shuttle to take us back to our car. We missed the first one because T had shoplifted a toy out of the gift shop and no one noticed until the last minute. Whoops.
Seth was the only one who had been to the NC Zoo before and I must say, I was quite impressed with the place.
And it was much better than staying home and watching TV.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May Happenings

Here's what we've been doing the past few weeks:
We went to the park.
We went out to eat.
H has turned into little Miss Independent and throws a mega fit if we try to help her do anything, even if she can't really do it herself. Dinnertime is the worst. Food everywhere.

I gave up on cooking. Because when you have picky toddlers, what is the point? Sandwiches, for every meal.
In place of cooking I binge watched The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. (So good!)
We celebrated my birthday.
According to T, I was "the best birthday girl in the world." Probably because of the CAKE.
Somebody finally moved in to the vacant house next door and they have pets.
So far their dogs have escaped into my yard numerous times, ripped up half my sunflowers, and my backyard is their cat's new litterbox. I AM HATING LIFE. AND PETS. I have plans to buy water guns this weekend. They will be used.
On to June!