Thursday, February 26, 2015

Photo Dump

I finally got the photos off my phone! Here are some random things I found:
Hailey absolutely refused to let me take this sticker out of her hair for a full 24 hours. I finally distracted her with some TV and got it out.
Woke up one morning to find the girls reading to each other instead of their usual MO of jumping on my bed to wake me up. Sadly, it's only happened this one time.
My pizza stone broke and it was a huge loss. I haven't bought a new one yet. I'm still grieving. (Can you tell we used it a lot?)
 Hailey likes to "help" me clean the bathroom. She usually falls in the tub at some point.
Tessa made a necklace of 100 Fruit Loops on her 100th day of preschool, of which she was very proud. She refused to share any of it with Hailey.
Tessa likes to make a "ship" out of her table and chairs for Hailey to sit in. Tessa waits on her and brings her books and blankets and stuffed animals and warns her not to get out or she'll get eaten by the crocodiles.
My girls in their underwear pretending to be bunnies.
And lastly, Hailey has taken to falling asleep in the hallway instead of her bed, so that she can watch Seth and I in the living room. It's pretty cute, and also kind of creepy. Exhibit A.
Exhibit B.
The end.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Toddler Talk #8

T: Daddy, you need a break from Mommy.
S: No I don't. Mommy is my best friend.
T: No. Mommy isn't your friend. She's your wife.

During a prayer:
T: Thank you for mommy. Thank you for Hailey not being a good girl. Thank you for Daddy...

During clean-up time:
J: Tessa, can you put this doll away?
T: Yes sir, mom!

At lunch:
T: We need to throw these wrappers away.
J: Ok. Go ahead.
T: I don't know how.
J: Yes you do. Go throw them away.
T: My arms are too tired. *hands wrappers to me*

After jumping from the footstool to the couch:
T: Yay this is my best life!

And one from Seth:
T: I want to watch The Magic School Bus.
S: Why?
T: Because I do.
S: That's circular logic Tessa. And it's not welcome in this house.