Friday, March 27, 2015

Sleeping on the Floor: A Study in Stubborn Toddlers

I think I've mentioned before how Hailey likes to sneak out to the little hallway to watch Seth and I at night and often falls asleep there. 
Seth and I yell at her to get back in her room at least three or four times a night, but some evenings we just can't catch her every time. 

I took pictures, of course. Because what else am I supposed to do?
No, really, I'm asking - what am I supposed to do about this? Yesterday morning Seth woke up for Seminary and found her asleep next to the front door. What's the deal with this kid? Her sleeping habits are weird and I'm clueless.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Day in the Life

I did one of these a long time ago (I was pregnant with Hailey!) and I recently decided to do it again. This is from back in February. I took pictures throughout the day, so here is a bit of a snapshot of what our regular days look like.

Also, my life is far from exciting. In fact, it's pretty dull. You've been warned.
Hailey came in bright-eyed and bushy-tailed right as my alarm was going off at 7am. The girls normally don't get up until 7:30 or 8. (Also, I feel it necessary to mention that wet spot is from spilling my water bottle. It's not drool.)
I told her to lay on the bed and read books so I could do my yoga (Yes I do yoga, I am a TOTAL HIPPIE) but she decided to do it along with me instead (AKA get in my way and bother me.) Here we are at the end.
Tessa woke up and I "made" breakfast for them. Nutri-grain bars.
Hailey likes to eat her breakfast, then bother me for bites of mine (seen above), then when Tessa has gotten down from the table she'll go along and eat whatever Tessa didn't finish. I don't know where she puts it.
This particular day was a Wednesday, which meant it was vacuuming day. I always do it first thing after breakfast before I have to pick up too many toys to get it done. My house looks like this for approximately 20 minutes every Wednesday morning. Please keep this image in mind as you scroll further down.
 The girls got dressed and brushed their teeth.
Then they get to watch a TV show or two while I go shower and get myself ready. It's their favorite time of day.
I finished getting ready and instead of laying around reading or watching more TV with the girls, I cleaned my kitchen. Hailey "helped." I was a little more productive than usual on this particular day, probably because I was documenting it.
Wednesday also means Storytime at the Library day, so I loaded up the girls and off we went. I neglected to take any pictures there because my girls don't understand that you have to be quiet and not run around in libraries (despite the fact that we go every week!) and I was too busy to remember to take any.
I decided to stop at Zaxby's on the way home for lunch, since we have no sandwich things and I don't feel like making anything. Seth's work is only about 10 minutes away so he comes home for his hour-long lunch break everyday. I took pictures without first bothering to tell Seth what I'm doing or why.
Naptime. My favorite time of day.
Tessa does not take naps anymore, unfortunately. She still insists I tuck her in, but then she just plays for an hour and a half in her room. I normally eat my lunch now (so I can eat in peace) but since I already ate with the girls, I decided to take a nap instead.
Tessa came in after her timer went off and read books in bed next to me until I heard Hailey wake up.
 Snack time for the girls. Tessa organized them carefully in her bowls.
I got on the computer and Hailey insisted on sitting with me. I realized I would not have any pictures of myself from the day, so I remedied that (obviously forgetting my fabulous yoga picture).
Tessa got in on the action too.
It's at this point that I suddenly remembered Tessa needed to bring in cookies for preschool the next day, so we start making those. The girls wanted to help me, so I let them sit on the counter until I realized that "help" meant "stick my fingers in the dough and get flour everywhere."
 So I made them go away while I finished and they actually played together nicely for a little while.
 Taste-testing the cookies.
And ruining their dinner, probably.
Dinner prep! We had shrimp, risotto, and green beans.
Tessa got a time-out, I can't remember what for. This is not the first one of the day, and Hailey has gotten her fair share as well by this point. Also, the hour or so right before Seth gets home is statistically when the highest amount of time-outs are given. What is it about evening time?
Seth came home. We ate.
The girls played some more after dinner. This is the point where I ask you to remember that picture of my nice clean living room from the morning.
 It's a bath night. Seth is normally in charge of these. I hate giving baths.
 Clean-up time. I'm in charge of this. Seth hates it.
They actually did a good job of cleaning up with minimal fussing so I let them eat another cookie before bed.
 Storytime. Also a Seth job. Then prayers and bed.
Here is Hailey sneaking out into the hallway about 15 minutes later so she can watch us. If I don't catch her and send her back to bed, she falls asleep on the floor out here. (See this post.)
Seth tinkered for a while. I read. Then we went to bed.

It's a thrilling life we lead.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Days

We went up to Richmond a few weekends ago amidst freezing cold temperatures and snow and rain.
Meanwhile back in Fayetteville the temperatures rose over the weekend to the 50s. Boo timing.
Also, I had to bring an entire extra suitcase with us to account for all of the winter weather gear we needed. The girls were warm, but very chubby.
On the plus side, we did get to go sledding. Seth and I were excited for this because we didn't think it was ever going to snow in Fayetteville this season and we wanted the girls to experience it.
I guess the weather gods heard about this and decided to play a little joke on us because the Tuesday and Wednesday after we got back, it snowed in Fayetteville. Of course.
Enough to even build a snowman. I took this picture from inside my nice warm house. I went out for a few minutes and that was enough for me.
So now that we've had two rounds of playing in the snow, I am officially done with winter. We had one blessed day of 70 degree weather yesterday, but other than that, I think the weather gods are ignoring me.
I'm ready for spring!