Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Late Halloween Post

Yes, I know Halloween was over two weeks ago. I just had a baby, and I can't be bothered to write blog posts in a timely manner.
Here are my cute bunnies!
Also, to my great amusement, Seth developed something of an obsession of putting our newborn baby in a pumpkin for picture-taking opportunities. Apparently this is a requirement of having an October baby.
He tried, bless him.
For some reason though, Claire did NOT appreciate our attempts to shove her into a cold, cramped pumpkin.
As Seth had spent nine months looking forward to this opportunity, he insisted we try again a different night. We got a mostly decent picture, but I don't think we'll be writing Pinterest tutorials any time soon.
We spent about a week listening to demands for candy 24/7 before it was mostly eaten. There is still a bag full of tootsie rolls which no one wants to eat though, not even my toddlers. Tootsie rolls are the worst.
Happy (Late) Halloween!