Friday, February 12, 2016

Five on Friday

1. Seth was gone on a business trip for the past three days and I spent the whole time in silent praise of single mothers. He went to Detroit, so he spent the whole time in silent praise of warm southern winters.
2. Made some chocolate cake the other week, and then left it on the counter unsupervised for far too long. Hailey took advantage.

3. Is there anyone who reads my blog who hasn't heard of Hamilton? I'm obsessed and I want everyone I know to be obsessed too.
4. Sitting in Sacrament meeting a week ago, Seth suddenly discovered that Tessa's head was crawling with lice. And thus began a week-long torture of spending hours picking through everyone's hair to try to get every last one of the dumb things out. I hate you lice. I hate you so much.

5. Hailey ran into my room the other night very upset because she had been hit in the herself. On purpose. She didn't appreciate that I was unsympathetic and found the whole thing hilarious.
Then today Tessa came in rather sad because she had been poking herself in the eye - on purpose and more than once - and was upset.
Kids are weird.


  1. Are the lice gone? Is it safe to visit?

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  3. I love this picture at the end of the girls together. So cute. I still have pictures of Tessa and Hailey on my laptop and phone saver so everytime I go to Amandas and Brooklyn sees them she says, "That's Tessa and Hailey" I think she wonders why its not her. lol.