Saturday, April 30, 2016

Listed: The Past Two Months

I thought that maybe I would get some of my brain function back after giving birth, but apparently not. So since I have no brain capacity or energy to think up creative blog posts about the stuff going on, here is a numbered list for you.

1. We cleaned out the garage and I finally persuaded Seth to get rid of the broken gas mower. This drops our number of lawn mowers from three to two.
2. In addition to their imaginary brothers Lit, Zeet, and Bernst (best name ever), the girls now have an imaginary sister. Her name is Mad Alice and she doesn't seem to live at our house with the rest of the real and pretend siblings. This necessitates several phone calls a day to Mad Alice to tell her what they are up to. Still not quite sure if Mad Alice is angry or insane.
3. Tessa freakishly memorized the color of each of her bath letters.
4. I got lice from my two oldest. After that went away, I got pink eye from my two youngest. I gave them life, and they give me horrible contagious diseases. Motherhood is wonderful.
5. We finally gave Claire her baby blessing at four months and it was lovely. Thank you to everyone who participated.
6. My mom came to visit us and attend the blessing and it was great. My mom is the best. We did our usual - laze around, do a little shopping, and infect each other with sickness.
7. Claire met her bathtime goal of getting Seth and I as wet as possible.
8. Easter was lame and we were all sick, so I have no pictures of us in our cute Easter clothes. We scraped together the energy to dye Easter Eggs, which we then accidentally left sitting on the counter all night and had to throw away.
9. The most Eastery thing we did was an Easter Egg Hunt with Seth's family, and that's because it was before we all got sick. The girls got their faces painted and ate plenty of candy.
10. Tessa learned how to wiggle her eyebrows.
11. We bought the girls Sidewalk Chalk, which they then proceeded to use on the house, the car, the fence, the mailbox, and basically anywhere that was not the sidewalk.
12. We told them not to use chalk on the top step because the overhang prevents rain from washing it away up there. Tessa, being the smart girl that she is, wrote "NO" in chalk to remind herself not to write in chalk right there.
13. Seth and the girls captured three caterpillars and got to watch them make cocoons and then emerge as beautiful butterflies fat ugly moths.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Tessa's Books

Tessa recently decided to become an author and has been rather prolific in her publications. Every day she cuts up her paper and carefully writes and illustrates another story. Some of them are pretty good.

Here is a video of her reading one of my favorites, "The Friendly Little Mouse"

This one's titled "I Love You Mommy Bear" despite there being no mommy bear at all in the story. The ending is hilarious.

And of course, my favorite is "The Story of a Boot Who Had A Toot". (Title created with help from her father, of course.) It's short, so I posted it for your enjoyment:
One day there was a boot and he...
...needed to go potty. He went on the potty.
And he farted.

We're thinking of sending it in for a Caldecott award.