Monday, April 11, 2016

Tessa's Books

Tessa recently decided to become an author and has been rather prolific in her publications. Every day she cuts up her paper and carefully writes and illustrates another story. Some of them are pretty good.

Here is a video of her reading one of my favorites, "The Friendly Little Mouse"

This one's titled "I Love You Mommy Bear" despite there being no mommy bear at all in the story. The ending is hilarious.

And of course, my favorite is "The Story of a Boot Who Had A Toot". (Title created with help from her father, of course.) It's short, so I posted it for your enjoyment:
One day there was a boot and he...
...needed to go potty. He went on the potty.
And he farted.

We're thinking of sending it in for a Caldecott award.


  1. Alex and I are crying of laughter.

  2. The the boot who had a toot gets my vote!

  3. I am also crying from laughter now! Great offspring Janette. So impressed with Tessa!