Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Me Bruddah, Zac

People said that this blog wasn't actually a couples' blog since I have never posted anything. I guess this makes the title official. (Janette is so excited. She keeps looking over at me and smiling.)

Today is my brother Zac's birthday. He's a pretty cool kid. In honor of his coolness I'd like to point out the similarities between him and the Class Prez from Teen Girl Squad (if you're not familiar with the Homestar Runner Universe you'll have no idea what I'm talking about).

The evidence:

I rest my case.

Happy Birthday Zac!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh Dear.

I just found an almond in my bed.

One single little almond piece.

An almond piece from Cold Stone Creamery.

This does not make me happy.

But it did make Seth laugh.

Friday, September 25, 2009

More Honeymoon Tales

Sedona is well-known for its plethora of art shops and galleries. Seth and I took an afternoon while we were there to explore some of them. But our favorite place we visited in downtown Sedona?

Ye Olde UFO Store: Established Before Mankind
The X-Files Theme Song greeted you as you walked in the front door.

Along with souvenirs, they had a "museum" of doctored pictures showing unusual night time phenomena and nighttime tours to go look for UFOs.
And in true Arizona fashion, they had their very own Alien Cactus Garden.
You surely can have no doubts as to why it was our favorite store.
It was awesome.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


When we first rented our little home it was uninhabited and thus, a sanctuary for bugs and spiders. There were several openings that they could get through, and it was scary to walk around in here. You never knew what you were going to run into.

Then we took over their turf and destroyed them all.
Except for one species. The wolf spider. They still keep showing up, much to my chagrin.
And these suckers are big.
And I scream every single time I see one.

Actually, I never notice them first, it always seems to be Seth that finds them.
He tries to be subtle and get the vacuum cleaner without me noticing, but seriously? We live in the tiniest little house on the planet.
So when I notice him stealthily going for the vacuum cleaner my eyes start roving around the floor, searching until I can locate it.
And then I scream. Every single time.
And then Seth jumps. Every single time. 
He jumps because he thinks it's chasing after him when I scream.

I think this may be why he doesn't like for me to notice the wolf spiders.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wedding Present

The very first wedding present we got was from Seth's roommate Michael.

It was a box of bacon band-aids.

We couldn't wait to use them.
Fortunately, since I am not graceful in the least, I tend to injure myself often and so we knew it would not be long before we would be able to unwrap a band-aid to use.
The occasion happened at work. I burnt myself on a heating coil for the dipping chocolate while cleaning it. I rather stupidly thought I had turned it off when, in fact, I had not.
The injury.

The remedy.

I definitely felt a little classier with a bacon band-aid instead of a plain old tan one.
Thanks Michael.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Big Test

I just finished taking the performance part of the Utah Interpreter Certification Test.
I'm so happy it's over. Now I get to wait 3 or 4 months for the results!
Yes, it does take that long. I don't know why.

More information for you:
The Certification Test has two parts: a written and a performance part. You take the written part first, and once you pass that you can apply to take the performance part.
The performance test for the Novice level (the 1st level) (there are only 2 levels in Utah) has 3 parts: A spoken-to-sign interpretation, a sign-to-spoken interpretation, and a role play situation (interpreting back and forth between a deaf signer and a hearing speaker)
In my opinion, if my certification were based only on one of the 3 parts, this is how I would do:
Spoken-to-Sign: Maybe
Sign-to-Spoken: No
Role Play: Yes

I was shaking the whole drive up to Salt Lake. (The test is given at the Center for the Deaf up there). And now I can't help analyzing everything that happened....it's going to be a long few months.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Our One Month Anniversary was yesterday. And while I realize that one month is not that much in the whole married for eternity concept, we still celebrated.

What did we do?

We went to work and class all day!
Then we came home and had a fabulous dinner of . .

. . . pancakes.
Followed by several hours of homework, with a small break for brownie sundaes.
The sugar rush was needed.

It was not the most exciting night, but we had fun together.
We always do.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Privileges of Old Men

Seth and I have noticed that old men feel the need to make comments to me while we're out and about.

Tonight, for example, as we were perusing the bread selection at the grocery store, an old man in suspenders walked in front of us. He pointed his finger at me and said, "You shouldn't be looking at this, you should be home baking your bread!" Then he winked at Seth.

Um, excuse me? Yes, old man, you're right. I mean, how dare I even leave the home and *gasp!* not spend my days cleaning and cooking for my husband in my house dress and high heels!

Ridiculous. I think he grew up in the 50s.

This has happened a few different times but I don't remember what the other old men have said. It's always the same slightly derogatory but somehow funny to them comments.

I'm bitter.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fly Hunting

This is one of Seth's favorite things to do.

It involves him walking slowly around the room, eyes unblinkingly fixed on his prey, while he waits for them to land. He then either A-catches it in his hand and shakes it about into a daze, or B-flicks it into a daze.
Then he drops the fly on the floor, picks it up with a tissue and brings it outside.
The fly then wakes up from it's Seth-induced stupor, and flies back into the house through the open door. (Look, it's ridiculously hot outside, our house has no A/C and I'll willingly take the flies over the sweat. Plus, this way it provides endless hours of entertainment for Seth.)

Then he starts this process all over again.

I've repeatedly told him it would be better if we just killed the fly so that it wouldn't keep flying back into the house and he scoffs at me for being a murderer. Of flies.

Surprisingly, I am not ashamed of that title.

Yesterday he spent most of the afternoon hunting one fly in our kitchen. When I suggested making this process easier by buying a flyswatter, he said, and I quote, "Psh. Flyswatters are for amateurs."

I am married to a professional here, people.

***EDIT***Seth is very concerned that this post be accurate, so let it be known that when he catches the fly and shakes it about, it's so he can throw it on the floor into a daze, as the fist-shaking only makes it dizzy enough so that it doesn't just fly away when he throws it to the floor. Very important that you all know this technique.
That is all.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

We'll miss you

For our honeymoon we stayed at a resort just outside of Sedona, Arizona. 
Saturday night we decided to go out to eat. We drove all over town trying to decide where to go. This was a lot trickier than it sounds, as the town of Sedona does not believe in being well-lit. There were no street lights.
So after much deliberation we finally decided to go eat at a place called Picazzo's. 
It was the best decision we have ever made. (Other than our choice to get married, I suppose)
We ordered the Thai Chicken pizza and it was heaven on earth. 
I am not exaggerating here. We loved it so much, we went back Tuesday for lunch and ordered the same thing.
Yes. We did. 
We were very sad to leave Sedona. Not so much because of the beautiful views, 
the artwork, 
the hiking,
or the time together. 
No. It was for Picazzo's Thai Chicken pizza.