Thursday, October 28, 2010

The House Tonight

Seth is going to be teaching a Merit Badge workshop on Electricity on Friday and Saturday.
He decided to prepare for it today.
When I came home from work I took a nap and when I woke up the table looked like this:
Electronics barfed all over my table.
Seth likes to keep things like this. He tinkers with them. When my hair dryer broke his eyes got real big and he asked me excitedly if he could please take it apart instead of me just throwing it away. He likes to go to Goodwill and buy old outdated electronic things so he can take them apart. His latest find was a joystick from the 90s. He keeps it all in a cardboard box in our bedroom and when he gets bored, he'll take the box out and start tinkering.
Usually when he does this, electronics barf all over my table. Like tonight.
I didn't complain though. I think because for the past 3 days I've been telling him I will do the dishes, no, no, you don't have to do them, I WILL do them, don't worry, don't worry.
And as of tonight the sink still looks like this:
Just keepin' it real here, folks.

Now maybe I'd better go do the dishes.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5 Years Later

As part of my High School Senior English Project I had to ask people a series of questions about myself and record their responses. (This was probably my favorite project because it centered around my favorite subject - me.) One of my questions was, "What do you see me doing in 5 years?"

It has now been 5 years since I asked the question and I thought you might find it amusing what my family and friends thought I would be up to at this moment in time. Although I guess technically it would be May of this year, not October. Close enough.
Also, I just have to say that I remember working on this assignment and thinking 5 years was such a long way off. My, how the years have flown by.

What do you see me doing in 5 years?
Mom: Finishing college or beginning masters, married, pregnant with first child
Step-Dad: Graduated from college
Dad: Probably your last year of college; you've changed degrees a couple of times, but you're finally excited about what you're majoring in and you're now thinking of graduate school. You have a serious boyfriend and are thinking about getting married after you graduate.
Sister Michelle: At college working your butt off, but with a Mr. Hunk boyfriend on the side.
Sister Amanda: A famous artist who has just has some art piece put in the Met, with a hottie RM who will ask you to marry him
Friend Laura: Makin' babies. Just kidding. Seriously...taking over the world.
Friend Janell: Probably a newlywed (married within the past 2ish years) working a part time job with your little starter house
Friend Katie: Married with 3 kids. Ha!

Hmm...both my parents said I'd be going to graduate school. Sorry to disappoint, parents.
Also, I definitely lucked out and got a hottie Mr. Hunk RM to marry.
Also, no babies.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today Seth and I had the privilege of babysitting our niece and nephew while their parents were out of town. We picked them up at 8:30 this morning and spent the whole day watching them.
It was quite the adventure.
I can't say what the first couple of hours looked like, since I actually had an interpreting assignment this morning and had to leave as soon as we got to our place with them. But when I came back the apartment was a lot messier than it was when I left.
But look how cute!
So then we decided to take them on a walk around the lake by our house. We'd take them to feed the ducks. It would be so cute!
Only, the walk was a lot longer than Seth and I were expecting, and the ducks turned out to be 30 or 40 food-crazy geese that almost made me a widow when Seth decided to do a "trial run" before handing the bread over to the children. 
As Seth said, "I've never experienced an adrenaline rush while feeding the ducks before."
Needless to say, the long walk we forced the children to go on was not rewarded with getting to feed the ducks, a fact none of us were very happy about.
But look how cute!
We had lunch and headed over to Seth's parent's house since we needed a place for T to take his nap and they would be staying there overnight anyway.
And even though we only had one child to look after for most of the afternoon, by the end of the night Seth and I were like this:
I can't decide whether babysitting your niece and nephew for a whole day is the BEST or WORST birth control ever.
Because, look how cute!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Graceful: Part 2

Seth just knocked over his entire cup of ice water onto our carpet.

We were meant to be!

(And let's just ignore all that water on the kitchen floor from when I dropped the newly filled ice cube trays earlier tonight...)

Monday, October 4, 2010

David Visits

Sometimes I write down things people have said in an unpublished blog post so that I can revise it later and publish something funny with word-for-word quotes. (Seth sent me this comic after I did this to him for practically one entire night.) I know, it's an odd habit. I can't help it.
Apparently I forgot about this one and I have just discovered it again tonight.
They are quotes from my younger brother David when he came to visit Seth and I back in June. (or was it July?)
I thought they were good enough to deserve an actual published blog post.
I miss you David.

Me: Where's your beach towel?
David: *blank stare*
Me: Remember how I told you to bring one since we don't have an extra?
David: Yeah. . . . . No no, it's ok. I'm so hot, I'll just dry off.

Right after hugging me goodnight - tenderly - he suddenly remarks, "Hey. You know I can manhandle you?"
Then he puts up his fists and gives me a head nod.
"Bring it."

Friday, October 1, 2010


When I was younger I used to think I was rather graceful.
In fact I was so sure of this that whenever I did do something clumsy (which, in retrospect, was quite often), I'd think to myself that it was a fluke. A one-time occurrence. A blip on my otherwise graceful existence.
I am not exaggerating here. I even imagined that in the biographies that would be written about me (I had quite a vivid imagination, if you couldn't tell) they would make special note of how graceful I was. That's how much I believed it.
But tonight I decided that if they do write autobiographies about me (And hey, it could happen. Leave me some dreams intact, please.) there will be no mention of my gracefulness. Tonight I realized that I am not just not graceful, I am actually very clumsy.
This is because tonight I kicked over my open water bottle and dumped water all over the carpet.
But Janette, you say, That's not so bad. That's a one-time fluke.

It's not.
It's the third night in a row that I've done it.
The first AND SECOND time, the water poured right onto the computer. (Don't worry, I didn't ruin it.)

Goodbye, dreams of gracefulness.
Here's to hoping I don't do it again tomorrow night.