Monday, July 23, 2012

In other news...

I'm pregnant!

No seriously.
I'm about 13 weeks along. Due end of January/beginning of February.

Seth and I are very excited!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Baby Pictures

I wanted to show off more of my sister-in-laws pictures that she took of T.
And ok, I wanted to show off my baby girl. She is only 5 days old in these pictures. (!!!!!)

I can't believe last year I had a 1 week old little blob and now I have a walking talking opinionated little girl.
Her first birthday party is tomorrow and I have been super nostalgic this past week.
Can you tell?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday!

I don't know how you went from this:
Photo taken by my talented sister-in-law Rachel
to this:
so quickly.
Too fast.

We celebrated today by doing some of her favorite things: playing in the normally off-limits spare room, eating fruit snacks and graham crackers almost all day, wandering around the local library, and getting to stand up in the cart at Target. I was going to do some vacuuming for her too but I ran out of time. (I am not joking. She loves it when I pull out the vacuum.)
Ah, the simple pleasures of a 1 year old.

T celebrated by peeing on the bathroom floor while waiting for Seth to put her in the tub.
And yes, I did walk right through it before Seth had a chance to warn me.
I'm sure it'll be one of my fonder memories of her first year of life.

Happy 1st Birthday to my favorite child!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Snack Chair

This is one of my little secrets people don't see when they come over to my house.
It's our snack chair.
I just leave cheerios or graham crackers out on it and T helps herself when she needs a little pick-me-up. I only clean it off and put it away when there are visitors.

Seth suggested we just buy a doggie dish and leave food in it for her. He followed that up with the question, "It's not child abuse to treat your child like a pet, right?"
This query would be in conjunction with his idea to use a spray bottle full of water to spray T in the face as a form of discipline, much like owners training pet cats.
Reminds me a little bit of this conversation.

Um, I promise he is a good father.


Saturday, July 7, 2012


One of the things Seth and I were most excited about when we moved to a house was getting a backyard and being able to have a garden.
We are not skilled gardeners at all so I'm a little surprised most of our plants are still alive, especially considering we got started on it a little late. We cheated with some - we bought tomato, zucchini, pepper, rosemary and cilantro plants at Home Depot. We did seeds for lettuce, carrots and green beans.
So far the zucchini are winning. They are going to take over I think. 
The beans also surprisingly grew and flourished from their seeds, but they might not last considering we have some hungry caterpillars who are also very excited about the growth of the beans. You can see the damage they've inflicted.
Everything else has not really grown or done anything, so to make myself feel better about my gardening skills I remind myself that at least everything is doing better than our cilantro. 

It died the day after we planted it. Wop-wop.
If I'm able to get even one vegetable from this garden, then I'm counting it as a success. Green thumb, here I come!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

For Katie

I just found out my sister Katie checks my blog multiple times a day. I must be tired because I find this hilarious, so I thought I'd reward her diligence and obsessiveness with a little post of random pictures and videos of T.
The laziest baby in the world. She will just lay on the floor and scratch her belly or chew on a toy for half the day. Ridiculous.
But she's also the funniest baby in the world.
Here she is talking.
Here she is walking.

And now it's past my bedtime. I hope you liked that.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Seth!

Yesterday Seth turned 27. We spent the whole day up in Raleigh so we did most of our celebrating on Saturday. We did whatever he wanted (read: eating, playing video games, and taking a trip to Home Depot.)
In honor of Seth's birthday, here are 10 things that maybe you don't know about him.

1. Everyone thought he was a stoner in high school because instead of paying attention during class he was either finishing up his homework for the next period or sleeping. Everyone was very surprised to learn that he made straight A's. (I know. It irks me too.)

2. To go along with the sleeping in class story, he perfected the art of sleeping while sitting up and not bobbing his head. He also had a mini pillow that he would pull out and use all the time during class. I believe during one class it even progressed to him pushing some desks together so he could sleep on the chairs, using his mini pillow and his coat for a blanket. The teacher finally called him on that last one.

3. He was on a rock climbing team when he was a teenager and once scaled a wall using only his arms. 

4. He likes to know how things work (everyone who reads this blog should know this). On his mission, since he didn't have access to the internet, he kept a little notebook full of things he wanted to look up once he got back. The only one I remember is "how do the nozzles on gas pumps know when to stop."

5. One of his favorite movies is The Labyrinth. I have watched it twice with him and I will never get those hours back.

6. He does not know how to read music.

7. His friends tease him that he was born with tennis shoes on because he almost never walks around barefoot or even in flip-flops.

8. He is really cheap. On our second date he took me to Subway. I didn't find out till later that he thought he was taking me to a classy joint. He didn't find out till later that I was about as impressed as if he'd taken me to McDonald's and told me to order off the dollar menu.

9. His nickname is "Ol' Snake Eyes." Yes, his friends actually do use this name for him. No, there is no story to it. Unless of course you count Seth wanting a nickname and his friends coming up with "Ol' Snake Eyes" as the story, which totally breaks all the rules of nick-naming, in my opinion.

10. He thinks it's hilarious to use text speech in real life. (Or "IRL" as Seth would say, before giggling to himself.) Which is ironic, because he never uses abbreviations when he actually texts. His favorite thing to say is "b-t-dubs" (as in btw, as in by the way) because it is an abbreviation of an abbreviation.
Happy Birthday Seth! I love you!