Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Topsail Beach

Last week in celebration of Seth's brother Bryce and our friend Angelica being here, a bunch of the family drove out to Topsail Beach.
And I actually went in the ocean. And it was really nice. And I was really enjoying myself.
And then a huge wave came and knocked me over and I got sea water all up my nose and down my throat and in my eyeballs. 
Then I became blind and started coughing my lungs out and blowing snot from my nose.
And I remembered why I never swam in the ocean.
After that episode I promptly retired back to the beach, where I stayed for the rest of the trip.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Dear Seth, 
Remember this day? 
It was exactly a year ago.

Remember that crazy old house we rented in Provo?
Let's not remember all the stories we got out of it, shall we?

Remember how after we got married all my OCD tendencies I'd been suppressing while we dated came out?
Yeah. I'm still mad at you for eating my only red M&M that one time.

And do you remember lying in bed at night making puking noises to make me laugh?
(Probably everyone else would think that is so weird. But I love it.)
And letting me mess up your hair all the time so I could laugh about it?
And a thousand other memories that make our first year of marriage so great?

Yeah. Me too.

Friday, August 6, 2010

I am a genius.

Your thoughts upon seeing the title:
A post that's not about a trip Seth and Janette have taken?
But.......but I thought this was slowly turning into a travelogue...
I'm so confused.
Yes, that's right. 
There aren't even any pictures in this post!!!
Except for this one.
Because this is to publicly announce that I am a genius for deciding that blogs are better with big pictures and thereby implementing my newfound discovery on my own blog so that you get to see me and Seth's smiling faces covering your ENTIRE COMPUTER SCREEN!
I even coded html.
Yes. I did. 
Wait ... you probably just googled "how to make your blog bigger" didn't you?
Uhh... noooo. I am a genius. A genius I say!
Uh huh. I see those shifty eyes.
Fine. I googled it.

But my blog is still awesome.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Washington D.C.

Poor, poor little blog. 
So neglected. 
So unkempt.
Forgotten by your creator, your caretaker. Your one and only friend. 
And all three of your readers.

I see now that my writing skills have severely declined since I have not written in so long.
I'd better just post pictures.
BIG pictures.
Trip to Washington D.C. - on the Metro.
Library of Congress
We have decided our next house will be an exact replica of this building.
Museum of Natural History
The ecstatic glee you see on my face is a result of the 3 hours I just spent in an air conditioned building and not walking the streets of excessively hot and humid D.C.
This is the only thing I really wanted to do and we got there too late for the tour!
Curse you, summer hours and ill-planned scheduling.
This is the VERY FIRST STOP on our next trip.
But at least I can now say I have been to Gallaudet.
And Union Station.